Wednesday, May 2, 2012

random rants and bubbles on my nails

good day blogger!!!

this post  is just rants and rave that i have

well first i hate bubbles,,, i tried doing rainbow nails with crack it was awesome but after i put some top coat! urrrgggghh!!! bubbles here i come!
i hate it! i so so hate it! well the thing is i need to buy new top coat!

and also ive been swatching 2 kleancolor mini collection which was awesome but time consuming so thumbs up for those great blogger who alway do collection swatches,

ive been wanting to post somethig yesterday but i dont have the motivation to do it. idk,, i also tried the sponge gradient technique which was by the way awesome! i love it! i think ill post it up tommorow! yey!

so my birthday is near,,, my friends are asking what am i going to do,,, which is honestly, nothing,, cause i dont wanna spend ,, ok ok! i did spend something on myself but i dont wanna go further than that! call me cheapskate however i have family responsibility! if you know a filipino who has family in the philippines, you would understand me,, if none,, you would not understand me,, :)
and also? whats the next site you go after fb? i would say blogger, this has been my bestfriend for quite some time now,, i dont go out that much here so i let it all out here,, i actually spend min of 3 hrs  day for reading blogs, and commenting etc etc. i know youre already bored with what im saying here so i will say goodnight now as i have to go to immigration tom and to the bank and God knows how slow they are! 

just a sunny picture for you!

i pass by this beautiful tree everyday and its so pretty and urgh! i want a polish in this color! ,,, the yellows are actually flowers,, its a yellow flower tree. pretty isnt it!


  1. Oh ... I hate it when bubbles happen too, especially when time has been used to paint the color! Usually it doesn't happen when you stay in a cold place to paint your nails!

    1. i did this under ac.. and very cool ,, but still bubbles show,,,, i have new topcoat now :)

  2. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.