Sunday, October 4, 2015

40 great nail art ideas - Hobbies


I've got quite a few hobbies that I enjoyed which are
Baking, cooking , gardening, crafting, jewelry making, sewing and nail art 
So I choose sewing because im proud of sewing well next toy nail art. I started sewing 3 yes ago, I'm not an expert but I've done most of my dresses, and now I'm making most of my daughter's dress. Its fun and very practical way to save $$$

That's it for today! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

swatch - kleancolo sea ice

kleancolor sea ice

so today i have kleancolor sea ice which i bought for TT10.00  US 1.70
this is quite a good nail polish color, i love blue so i gotta have this when i saw it on the stand. 

its very creamy and opaque. one good coat will be enough and i think its also good for stamping. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

day 22 - blobbicure

today is day 22 blobbicure nail art challenge
again , i dont have any idea what it is so i google up and saw some examples, 
heres what i came up with

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

day 21 - 3 shades of green and yellow

today is 3 shades of green and yellow
i thought of doing a gradient mani but went for this cute nail tip,.
plus its easy and fast to do

i was supposed to put a rhinestone but what i have is diamond shape and is too big so i just add a yellow dot in the centre

do you like this kind of mani? i sure do!!

thanks for droppin by!

rainbow nails??

day 20 is rainbow nail art day 

i did jump for a few days as my phone already give up on me and i borrowed my sis camera which i dont know why it doesnt want to focus. so until i buy a new phone which might be by the end of the month or next month i wouldnt have any descent pics yet.. so sorry!!! priority have to come first... 

anyway this is my rainbow nail art,, i wanted it to have like a messy abstract-y lines.
i also wanted to make tip design as much as possible cause i will be cutting them once the baby comes,..

thats it for my rainbow mani

Monday, January 19, 2015

1st nail polish haul for 2015

since im back doing nails again and probably stop again for a few months when the baby arrives i decided to clean my nail polish collection, i threw most of the lumpy and not so good one.
and that gives me reason to buy a little bit of polish to replace the one i discarded.

plus im feeling depressed and worried about a lot of things. you know we all get happy by buying things we want! aka shopping! haha,, i just bought a few to lighten up my mood and to keep me busy for a few weeks, until i cant help but buy again (wink)

i went to micles and saw these kleancolor polishes and i actually bought it because of the bottles

then by this shoe store i saw a polish stand and went to check
i grab these 3 polish and the mini candy cast collection

I mostly have kleancolor polishes bec theyre cheap and mostly because its the only brand that you can find here in Tobago. some pharmacies do have other brand but the price are ridiculous they are like twice or triple the regular price in us or other country and i dont really have the budget for that 

then i went to the pharmacy to buy nail polish remover and i saw this for only $3 so i grab 3

swatches coming up whenever i got the chance. 

thanks for dropping by!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

day 15 green base 31 day challenge

so for day 15 we have green base
i was actually thinking of doing something spring related or summer mani 
but as i look through my nail polishes i pick up sacha knock out punch for the dark green base and then top it up with la girls crowd surfing
i love how it turn out i wanted to leave it as is but thought of stamping something in the ring finger 

i dont really have much luck with stamping as i am too cheap to buy stamping polishes the thick one and whenever i do try stamping it just wouldnt come out clear. 
anyway i did the butterfly twice.

anyway sorry for the picture bad quality, im still saving up for a nice sturdy camera and only using phone camera which is not that good really,. 

thanks for stopping by!!