Monday, January 19, 2015

1st nail polish haul for 2015

since im back doing nails again and probably stop again for a few months when the baby arrives i decided to clean my nail polish collection, i threw most of the lumpy and not so good one.
and that gives me reason to buy a little bit of polish to replace the one i discarded.

plus im feeling depressed and worried about a lot of things. you know we all get happy by buying things we want! aka shopping! haha,, i just bought a few to lighten up my mood and to keep me busy for a few weeks, until i cant help but buy again (wink)

i went to micles and saw these kleancolor polishes and i actually bought it because of the bottles

then by this shoe store i saw a polish stand and went to check
i grab these 3 polish and the mini candy cast collection

I mostly have kleancolor polishes bec theyre cheap and mostly because its the only brand that you can find here in Tobago. some pharmacies do have other brand but the price are ridiculous they are like twice or triple the regular price in us or other country and i dont really have the budget for that 

then i went to the pharmacy to buy nail polish remover and i saw this for only $3 so i grab 3

swatches coming up whenever i got the chance. 

thanks for dropping by!!!

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