Monday, April 30, 2012

bridal nail

hi bloggers!!! how are you today,,, ive been wanting to post a lot but time does not permit me, a had a night shift then morning shift the next day,, i only had 5 hours of sleep but i still want to post so im still up,,, 

last week one of our guest ask me if i can do her nails, it was my first time doing nails other than my family and friend so i give it a try,

 it went fine and she love her nails,, however i wasnt able to take a picture bec i was too shy :) but i did it on my nails so here it is

i like it on my nails as well, it is simple yet not too elegant, then i think i should do more nail art in this category,

what do you think?


  1. Simple and elegant. Very pretty. You should definitely do more in this category.

  2. I agree very feminine and classy. Love it and pinned it! Am now following your blog.

  3. Very elegant and feminine. I love it.

  4. Was bloghoping, i must say its simply pretty...