Thursday, May 3, 2012

my first franken glitter polish!

wazzup blogger? today i have my first evah franken polish
i did try to put some color in it however it seems to disappear, also i decided to make a 2 post each week,, then if i have spare post i would put it in between so atleast it wont be like a week i have 2 or more post then suddenly no more post,, you get what i mean? i will now make a post every tuesday and friday

lets move on to the polish!
when my bubbly top coat  meets half of the bottle i decided to emptied the bottle,, ive been wanting to do a franken polish for a long time now so i thought of doing a holor glitter franken,, 

i use a variety of glitters and holo glitter
so here's the result :

one coat over regular black and blue polish


it didnt turned out the way i planned it bec u put some blue polish however it did not came up , its more on the green side than blue,, idk what hppen but i still love it! specially in sunny day! the glitter just come to live!!!

and below is 2 coats,, i dont have a name for this yet,,,

 on black it looks like a rustic gold glitters with little bit of the holo in it,

on the blue it looks more than a silver glitter with the holo,,

i love love love it!

i have to include this blurry pic as it shows the holo,,

what do you think? do you like it? what name should i put in it?

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  1. niceeee! i love it in the pic 4th from the bottom! really shows off the awesomeness :D