Tuesday, July 26, 2011

polish haul

this is actually a late post,,, haha
im kinda not in the mood last week so to lighten up my mind and to remove some of the stress in me ,, i bought some polishes,,, (ok im really addicted to nail polish that it is my way to remove stress,, hahah!) do you feel that way too?
enough with that,,

the soleil came out this summer,,, and summer here in the Philippines is around APRIL and MAY,,, but at that time these three colors are not available in the HBC near me...
so last week i got the chance to grab these three bottles... yey for me!!
i cant wait to swatch them...

from l-r
moss green , tangerine burst, canary glow

and then i went to my fave polish store . it is my fave bec they have lots of local polishes and they're inexpensive

diamond gay and jasper

i love little bottles like theses bec i never finish the big bottles...

apricot beige , Ashley , cappuccino

and these three are my fave,,, i already swatch classic purple and im gonna show it in another post,,

and last but not the least the OMG from klik,,,


  1. i love this OMG polishs wow it's so lovely.how much is it ?