Saturday, July 23, 2011

hair rebonding

Hair re-bonding is a process where the chemical bonds in your hair are broken, rearranged and bonded back again permanently using very strong chemicals. It is one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair.

hooray for our cosmetology class because it was a success!!!.... i forget to take a before pic though,,, but my hair before was a total mess... i was afraid for them to rebond my hair at first bec they might do it horrible and i might end up cutting my hair,,, but no,,, i trust my classmates enough to let them handle my hair,,,

when i was in college i did rebond my hair and it cost me a lot of money,, but for now,,, i saved a lot,,,, i saved time as well,,, ^^

shiny straight hair for me!!!


i practice on my aunties hair,,,, i am afraid at first but thankfully its nicely done,,,
have you ever tried having your hair rebonded?...

and have you tried to rebond other hair?...

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