Wednesday, August 3, 2011

first set of the OMG by klik

heres the swatches of the first 6 polish of OMG

mojito is a mint color,, and is very creamy,,, i think all of them have creamy formula,,
this is 2 coats which is i like,, the color is very cool in the eyes..

"first date" is a light pink or more of a carnation pink color,,, firstdate also has a creamy application

when i first say salsa i was excited because i love red polishes,,, but im not a fan of jelly polishes so this is not for me,,, though i had a very good application,, it goes on smoothly,,, i think for those who love jelly polishes this one is for them,,,

atlantis is one i love because of its tealness..
i also love teal colors,, so this is no exemption ... this is also creamy and goes on smoothly,,, 2 coats and its great!

"demure" is a nude color,, which is super sheer,,, i have like 4 coats and you can still see nail line,,, and i dont really like that ^^,
white out is just a regular white polish,,, i have 3 coats to cover bald spot,,,

bikini is a hot pink color,,, kind of a hot pink pastel color,,, 2 coats

which of them do you think is good?...


  1. I like First Date and Atlantis!They are all soo cute though.

  2. WOOWW NICE BLOG AND ALSO I LOVE LOVE YOUR POLISHS "omg" just omg for them haha so cool color :) wlc to my blog too cuz i'm new in blogger hope you like my blog :)

  3. nice colors haven't seen them personally san sila nabibili? i like the green one ^_^... just found your blog while browsing google your blog is very nice just like you I dont want to spend too much for high end Nail polish pero if given a chance why not kaya lang walang chance eh :)

  4. Mojito is amazing. I just tried one myself.. Finishes like one expensive nail polish