Monday, October 15, 2012

sinful color 24/7

good day blogger!!!
its been a  month i think since i last posted,,, i just got a lovebug on me ,,, joking!!!
theres a lot of reasons and i wont say it  all here bec i might just bored you all to death so anyways,, im back now and hopefully things will go along well and i can post regularly again,, since i havent had a chance to post like about a month or so i still have my  bright swatches waiting on my computer to be posted

ill try to go through them as much as i can... anyhow,, heres what i  got now

its sinful color "24/7" 

24/7 is a neon pink color that dries matte , the first time i used it the application was smooth,, but for the 2nd time idk what happen it kind of thicken, but i still love this polish,, it screams pink!!
i have 3 coats below and no topcoat, this polish lasted me for 4 days,, i dont usually wear neon polishes but this one changes my mind,,, 

have a happy polishy day ahead!!! 

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  1. Yay you;re back! You know I just love anything pink