Wednesday, October 17, 2012

kleancolor "chunky holo clover"

good day bloggers!!! 

its the come back of glitter wedz!!! 
i miss posting so much im smiling while im eating and typing this,, (yeah!! im insane,, hahaha)
anyway,, i wanna show you 

kleancolor "chunky holo clover"

CHC is a light holo glittered polish that shift from green to kind if a gold
i tried hard but the camera just couldnt pick up the shifting of the colors,,
anyway,, the ring finger is CHC on its own with 2 coats while the rest has a black base and 2 coats as well,

i bought this polish for 12 tt =  2 u$
i dont really know how long this last because i remove it after swatching,, 

i might try experimenting and try other base color as well,,,

hmmm,,, anyway,, thats all for today,,,

happy polishing!!!

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