Saturday, May 26, 2012

summer challenge you fave summer color

were on the 5th day for summer challenge and today is
"your fave summer color"

my fave color is blue so evrything blue is my fave,, haha!
then summer is about pastels and neons so when i bought 
kleancolor "new aqua" 
i know i will use it often

so heres my post for todays challenge

this polish has a very smooth and creamy consistency 
its quite opaque. you can get away with 1 thick coat or 2 thin coats,, i prefer thin coats,  its a pastel blue color,, not baby blue not dark blue but blue,, ???

this last picture is the true copy of the color,, :)

do you like blue as well?

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  1. This colour is gorgeous and kleancolor is so reasonably priced. I'll try to see if i can get this one!!!!!

  2. I love Kleancolor, I got a set of their candy cast mini neons not long ago, pretty sweet looking! the bottles are really cool too.

    1. i got 2 of their mini's ,, and i love em,,