Friday, May 25, 2012

orange freestyle day summer challenge

TGIF everyone!! and TGI my restday,, 
so ive been feeling a bit tired lately not wanting to polish my nails,,
there is like a curve in my nail like when you have false nail and you remove it then theres a mark? yeah,, i have a little like that,, i wonder though i havent had any nail extension or false nail done,, so im in a bit no polish this week,, 

i did lots of swatches and some nail art for the summer challenge that im into,,
and hopefully i can go to town early next week to buy some nail acrylic products cause i want to try them and im looking for studying nail tech within a few months

ok so back to the topic,, today is the fourth day challenge which is "orange freestyle day" ,, 
i use kleancolor boogie night which is posted here

after i made the design i think of it as alienistic or yeah  ,,,, im just weird,, lol:)

what do you think of it?,,, 

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  1. It is a little weird, but I love it!!! ;-)

  2. I love abstract designs. This is very nice. Love the base color.

  3. lol. I thought it looked like a basketball at first because of the color but now that I really look like it, it looks like an alien. It's so cute and weird.