Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rimmel "red carpet"

hi yah all!!! how are you?? today i have Rimmel "red carpet " to show you.. i love reds! and this one is so pretty! too bad its not mine,, my sister's colleague lend it to her so i swatch it up since i am the one applying polish on everybody else... :)  and i love it ,,, 

this pretty polish has a slight sheerness to it but you can get away with 2 heavy coats,, i prefer 3 thin coats, it has a procesion brush but i think its just a regular good brush,, (you know what i mean?) it also has gold shimmer in it where you can see in the pic but hard to see in real eyes..
it dries  between quick to normal ,, 
enough with that,, heres the pic!!!

hope you love it too!!

i love this pic idk why ??????,,,,


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