Tuesday, April 3, 2012

LA girls disco brites

good day everyone!!!
today i have La girls disco brites
i dont really know what number or name it is
i just saw this treasure on the back of this store we went to and i thought of buying it  i dont have that much orange polish,, well this is my first orange polish here in T&T....
 idk but when i think of disco i think of metallic foil like color... or maybe disco in the 70's ??? what ya think? 

it has a jelly creamy formula which make it so easy to apply..
i like it but i think it doesnt really go well with my skin tone,, or maybe im used to having dark polishes,, but anyway 2 coats is ok but i have 3 coats on

here's the pic! have a lovely day everyone!!!


  1. i love jellies, and this one is no exception! i'm sure it'll make a great summer color (;

  2. Very pretty! I didn't know LA had a disco brite collection!

    1. me too... just found them at the old drugstore here...