Sunday, January 4, 2015

a Comeback!!!!

Happy 2015 Bloggers!!!!

its been a few years since i visited my blog and thats because a lot of changes had happen to my life, i met the One . got married and now after 2 years were finally expecting!! im going to have my baby by march and i cant wait to see and hold my lil angel.

for those years i still have my nail addiction i just wasnt posting as life gets busy too.

Mr B actually made me a polish storage that were custom fit where we used to live.

it was soo nice lookin at it everyday but then we have to move because the place is not good for a baby and now i dont know where to hang it.

i also destash so this is how my nail collection look like now

im going to try to post as much as possible but i dont know yet when the baby arrives.... 

thats it for today!!! happy blogging everybody!

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