Wednesday, March 20, 2013

rockstar groupie and crowd surfing swatches

good day blogger!!!

its been a while since i post anything,, yeah i know!!! again,,, the reason is that i dont have a good camera,,, the smartphone i used for taking pictures already give up and the only camera i have is the waterproof which is not good when its not in the water,,,, grrr.... i just dont like it when the camera dont take the picture as nice as the color of the polishes im swatching,,, 

then i started sewing and its my new addiction,,,, no, im not forgetting my nail addiction, not at all,,,, its just that making my own dresses here that buying is money wiser,,, gosh! if you all know how much clothes here are! they are like 3x the original price,,,, anyway i got one nail post here

it took me so long to have this picture,,,, which you dont see much of the color and the flakes and the glitter,, but im still happy at least i got a good snap of it...

i use L.A girls rockstar groupie then i apply a layer of  L.A girls crowd surfing on top then of course top coat

i love how it look!its shimmery glittery and flaky

 so yeah! thats it,,,, i hope you like the swatch,,,, 

ill be having a stiching blog soon so i hope youll check it out too,,,

have a lovely day everyone!

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