Monday, February 4, 2013

drop it like its hot and vintage blue swatches

Monday morning blogger!!!

how are you doing everyone? i still feel restless.... 
i had a 2 days off and i still want some more,,, well all i did was run errands and buy some stuff,,,, i want a day where i dont have to do anything just sit down,,, lie down and relax.. can that possibly be? ok! enough with my laziness!!!  

here's  2 more swatches of the local polish that i bought 

drop it like its hot - is a creamy hot orange polish, another opaque polish, 2 coats and you already have full coverage,  DILIH can also be used for stamping,, i dont know any website to purchase it but for people here in trinidad and tobago, almost all pharmacy have this. 

and here i have 
Vintage blue - its a creamy dreamy blue polish, its quite vintage looking in the bottle but when you apply it , the color is a bit darker, still i like how creamy the formula is,, 2 coats as well and youre good to go, its not that opaque for stamping but hey! this is a pretty base color 


  1. Those colors are gorgeous and the finish is amazing. Wish I could take a haul trip to Trinidad and Tobago! Thank you for sharing :)