Tuesday, January 8, 2013

a little bit of a haul

good morning bloggers! 

happy 2013 everybody!
i dont have the chance to post anything on Christmas day and New year 
no specific reason,, im just too tired (lazinessss)

anyway i am slacking on my nail hobby so when i went out yesterday i bought a few stuff to keep me going,,, 
its not that i dont want to do it anymore its just that how a lot of people saying its a waste of time etc etc.
but then i said to myself that this is making me happy! so i will still do this.. :)

anyway i saw this very summery/ colorful color of polishes

i think Arista is the local polish here in trinidad and tobago and since its always summer here in TnT
i might as well have these

i havent had the chance to swatch them but i can say is they're very pigmented

im not new into stamping but my nail art skill turns into zero again so i need to do some practicing 

thats it!! hope you have a wonderful day everyone!

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