Monday, October 29, 2012

kleancolor "green grass"

happy monday everyone!!! 
not everyone is happy that its monday,, but i am (i dont know why as well)
its another day and thats enough reason to be happy!
anyhow,, let me just show you 
kleancolor "green grass"

green grass is a pure green color,, the polish suit it name cause it looks a bit like a grass ,, the dark wild green grass if you know what im saying,,, 
GG goes on smoothly,,, pretty perfect for 2 coats,, i did not add topcoat and its still a bit shiny,, if you want it shinier,, just add a good topcoat,, 

im typing this as early as 6:00 in the morning,,, i still feel sleepy but i cannot sleep,,, 
im waiting for my sister to bring my nephew because i have to babysit,, oh,,, i forgot to put up everything cause im sure this afternoon this room will be a mess,,, but it doesnt matter!! i love my nephew,,, 

take lots of care everyone!! see you again soon,,, 

happy monday polishin!

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  1. Green is my favourite colour and this nail polish is soooo pretty!:D