Saturday, August 4, 2012

la girls electric charge and some weekend nature pictures!

Wazzup bloggers??

i have been MIA since last week bec me and the boy decided to have a weekend getaway last weekend,, then after that its been busy at work so i only had a chance to read blogs and post today... 

we went around the island and ive never felt so close to nature before,, 
we went for 2 days and it was a great 2 days!!!

ok enough for that,, for today's post i have 
LA colors "electric charge"

electric charge is a pink jelly creme polish
it looks more jelly but has a bit of a creamy formula,
i have 3 coats on,, you can get away with 2 but i always wanted 3 coats

it stays on for me for about 3 days until i decided to remove it
i bought this polish for 12tt$ = 2 u$

have a polish-y day everyone!!!

and heres some pics from the weekend

the small island is called Little Tobago

such a peaceful view... 

i cant go down the car to take this pic but i swear, the way the water glisten,, its sooo beautiful!! one of the best ive seen so far,,, 

and some wild peacocks!!!


  1. gorgeous polish, and lovely pics....looks so peaceful!

  2. Looks like an amazing getaway--I've never seen wild peacocks before! @_@

    I think this may be the same pink I picked up a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping it'd be full of jelly squishiness, but even in creme, the colour is all kinds of pretty. :)

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