Saturday, July 14, 2012

la girls "hot pink"

good day blogger

since its summer i wanna try neon/jelly polishes,,,
today im gonna show you LA girls "hot pink"
im not really a fan of neon/jelly polishes but i do wear them once in a while
i instantly notice this polish from the drugstore and i bought it instantly
i thought it would be on a cremy jelly side but im wrong,, its on the jelly alone side,,

the formula is so watery and below i have 6 coats on! yup,, 6 coats and i still have nail lines,, nail lines are not showing much on the pics but i swear its there..

after i swatch it i remove it  bec i dont want to wait long for the 6 coats to totally dry up
its a nice shade of pink but not for me..

thanks for reading!


  1. 6 coats is just too much! I'm more of a two coat polish girl

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  3. Oh wow that beats my 4 coats smh I'm surprised at LAGirl polish.

  4. OMG 6 coats?! Thats crazy. 3 coats is my limit really, anymore than that and I don't bother. It's a lovely colour but 6 coats?! lol x