Saturday, July 28, 2012

epic fail nail art!!!!

good morning blogger!

today i did another sponge nails

i use  kleancolor "teal marble" and kleancolor "it purple"

i like the end result so i decided to add flower in it however i got an epicfail!!!

the purple blends in with the white flower even though i apply top coat before adding the flower

i hate it when this happens,,, 

anyone have any tips or ideas?


  1. OMG! The gradient is GORGEOUS!!!! I think it is beautiful without the art.

  2. Its still beautiful both ways! Its just that the flower sort of covers the gradient.

  3. The gradient looks really amazing, too bad the white mixed with the purple... :( anyways it doesn't look that wrong, If you wouldn't have mentioned it, I would 've thought it was a purplicious white :p

  4. this happened once to me, i was so surprised... till today don't know why did it happened...
    but i wouldn't call this fail, your flowers looks awesome, even in pink :-D
    love it :-D

  5. it happened to me too, but only when i used acrilyc paint and the paint was verry diluted with water. so i dont use verry fluid paint, even if the paint is not so liquid to use and that makes me a lil bit slow in creating the design.
    it also happened once when using a white polish that was not so pigmented.
    hope this is helpful for you

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  7. I love the colour combination.