Saturday, July 7, 2012

the best french tip i made :)

hi bloggers! happy friday! luckily its my off so i got the chance to rest!

im not been updated lately in blogging world bec ive been busy learning how to play billiar,! yup! im 21 and i just started playing it,, its late but hopefully i can beat the boy! haha he's my teacher and every game has prices,,, (wink)
he's also keeping me busy ,,we just started dating last month and im quite happy with his company and when were not together i am baby sitting my nephew which is a cute lil monster,,

anyway so much for my personal life,, ive done some good manis however i try to stay away from french tip bec i suck at it.. idk, i just cant make a pretty lil french mani ,, until last week i did this!!!

i am so proud of myself!

 its not perfect but its the best ive done!! freehand! no tapes or guide
i also try stamping it but the first black polish i use is no good,,
still.. im happy with it

any more ideas on French tips?

what do you think of mine?


  1. Perfect French manicure. WIsh my nails were that pretty

    1. these nails were once hideous ,,, i just really try to take care of them and shape them the way i wanted them,,

  2. french tips are really the best clean looking nails design

    1. and they goes well with every occasion...