Tuesday, June 12, 2012

rimmel 60 seconds 805 grey matter

good day blogger!

 ive been MIA for the past few days,,
idk,, i just dont feel like going to the computer,,, you know when you suddenly feels like you need a break from all of your hobbies? yup! that right,,, i felt that this past few days,, i actually cant believe i missed 2 post on summer challenge,,
but now im back,,, !!!

todays post is rimmel "grey matter"
i love this polish,, the brush is dense and it makes the application so easy,,
this is almost a 1 coater but 1 prefer 2 thin coat,, it applies on smoothly and very creamy, dries fast as well
the color is a gray with blue undertone
, i got this for 15tt$ = $2.50

do you have this? do you love it as well?


  1. Very nice colour. I love rimmel 60 seconds polish :)

  2. Gorgeous shade.

    It's ok to take a break from all your hobbies...or everything because when you come back you always do it with a bang.

  3. Oh, instant love--this colour is so beautiful!!

  4. Very nice grey! I don't have this one; only have a few from this line.