Sunday, May 20, 2012

sally hansen "yellow mellow"

hi bloggers!

well i had a very bad day today
one guest chose to be very annoying and should i say stupid? sorry for my word but shes worse than that,, then me and my bf had a fight bec long distance relationship is sooo hard,,, so i decided to lay low a bit and see what happens next
its heart breaking given the fact that weve been together for 5 years... but thats life is,,, if we were meant to be.. well be together 

enough with the drama,, although i feel like crying,, :)

today im gonna show you sally hansen "yellow mellow"

i try to stay away with yellow and oranges bec it doesnt look good on my skintone when i saw this,,, this baby have to be mine and since its 20 tt$ (around 3 u$)

this is such a very creamy pastel yellow color 
the formula is between watery and creamy but is opaque on 2 full coats
i cant say anythign else about this polish its just my fave yellow...
(well its the only yellow polish i own now since i move)


  1. Pretty bright yellow. Sorry to hear about you and your bf. Hopefully you and your Bf sort things out.

  2. Oh wishing you a better day soon! Where did you get sally hansen for 20TT$? Superpharm has it for much more

    1. i got it on my friends shop,,, he's selling buttons and laces but he the polishes from ney york,,, from his sister,, its by uptown,,

  3. Sorry you had a bad day, long distance relationships are very hard. I sympathise. The yellow polish suits you. :)

    1. thanks,,, well after 3 hourse were ok,,, guess love is really mysterious ,, lol..