Friday, May 18, 2012

rimmel " dessert rose "

good friday night everyone!!!

in this post im gonna show you rimmel
"dessert rose'

this polish formula is between watery and creamy
goes well with 2 coats
and dries fast
in the bottles it says up to 10 days, i have it on for 3 days perfectly but i couldnt wait for 10 day so i took it off

the color is like a light reddish sand, its a light brown with a hint of red
(do i make sanse?) sorry for the lack of color description,, im still learning,, :)

it goes nice and smooth,, i forgot to take picture of the brush but it was so dense and at first i thought it would be a nightmare but it makes the application so easy

so heres the pics,,,

can you help me with the color description? :)

have a goodnight everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Maybe call it dusty rose! Where did u get rimmel polishes?