Tuesday, May 8, 2012

kleancolor wicked witch collection

 good Tuesday blogger!

today i have a collection to show you!
Kleancolor  wicked witch 
gothic mini lacquer collection

i bought them for 40tt$ which is around 7u$
my first impression was this looks like a sheer polish
but i was wrong,, they are very opaque , 1 coater ,, and i want a big bottle of these collection!

"bite me" is the polish that ive been searching for the whole time,, its a red polish that has a visible shimmer,,, it is a super pretty polish,,, when my sister saw this,, she automaticallu said "thats mine,, !!"         
 "boogie night" is an orange polish with a gold shimmer and yellow undertone to it, its a nice polish however it just dont go with my skintone,, i have 2 coats on.

"military green" is a deep green polish,, its like a deep moss green color ,, this is my second fave color, and its a 1 coater,,

"concrete gray" is a grayish blue color which has creamy formula , also a 1 coater

 black is just a regular black polish, 1 coater!
 and white really surprise me, i thought  it would be a sheer white polish but i just put on 1 coat and its good to go,, pretty impressive,

overall i really like the collection, they are opaque and thay have nice formula ,,
what do you think?

have  nice day everyone! xoxo!!