Tuesday, May 15, 2012

kleancolor Mango

good tuesday everyone!! 
today im gonna show you
kleancolor "mango"

it is an orange pastel color, it dries a bit matte but i put top coat to have the glossy look, the formula is very creamy and lil bit thick but manageable
the color is cute but it makes my hand look darker which i dont like
below i have 2 coats,,

i dont know if it looks mango to some of you but for me its not
when i think of mango this i what i have in my mind

of course!! philippine mango,, the sweet jelly fruit,, uuurrrrggghhh!!!
im craving for it,,!

till next time!!! have a happy nail day!


  1. I know what you mean about how orange tends to make skin tones look darker than it is
    I have the same problem > < but i really want to try wearing an orange

    1. i think it just depend on how orange it is,,, we just have to find the right orange