Thursday, May 31, 2012

caronia "sun kissed" and i need an advice,, pls help... :)

 good morning bloggers!!!

i just notice that i now have 100 followers!!!
yay!!!! thanks so much for all of you
as much as i wanted to do a giveaway,, im unable too
financially broken,, so sorry!!!
but i will pay more attention to my blog and do more swatches and nail arts and reviews...

for todays post i have caronia "sun kissed"
it is an pastely-creamy orange color
it applies smoothly but has a bit thick formula 
its opaque with 2 thin coats

i bought this polish around P24.00 = 60c us

caronia is one of the major nail polish in the Philippine they have wide array of color which you can see here 
they also have creams and tools for hand and feet pampering
they dont have online store though,,,
i really like caronia's polishes but i think that theyre colors are just mostly creams,frost and mettalic,, i think they can do better buy adding holo or chromes to their collection since they are a big company,, 

thanks for looking

and i need a bit of advice,,, i have a youtube channel but i was mia for a llllloooooooooooonnnnggg time,, the last upload i have is 9 months ago,,, and i thought of going back but im afraid that ill be neglecting  either 1,, i have this blog and i dont want to be mia here too,, what do you think ill do?

and also i kind of see it annoying when someone comment here in blogger then you write reply or vice versa.. how can you know the person reply to you? ,,, blogger should fix that

enough for that :) 
have a happy polished day everyone!


  1. This is a beautiful orange! However, if you cant manage both, then you should do what you enjoy most, being in front of the camera or blogging. (=

  2. Wow, this is a beautiful colour--it looks like yummy orange sorbet. Congratulations on 100 followers! Wait, make that 101... ;)

  3. From a selfish perspective, I want you to focus on the blog, since I like reading it and I can't really watch videos in my office where I do most of my internet stuff. :)