Sunday, May 27, 2012

bobbie "pink lace"

hi bloggers!!

my post for today is still a polish from the philippines
 i present you 
"bobbie" pink lace

bobbie is known for its long lasting nail polishes, its quite one of the pricey polish in the philippines which cost P50 around $1.10
you might think that its cheap but believe me if you go to the philippines and see the local nail polish section you will see polishes cost 50c to 99c

anyway back to the polish
i love bobbie bec of its wear-ability and its formula, 
the consistency is not so creamy which enables me to apply the polish very smoothly then its opaque within 2 coats, or 3 thin coats

it comes in a 8 ml ad 15 ml bottles and i always buy the 8 ml's

so heres pink lace


 pink lace is a very shimmery pink polish
it also has a metallic foil look to it
i have 2 coats in my nails 
and i always use this for simple nail art

what do you think of it?

i love this polish


  1. I like the colour. The shimmer looks very nice.

  2. Very pretty! And yes, $1.10 does seem cheap to me. :) Probably a good thing I cannot come nail polish shopping in the Philippines--I would stuff a whole suitcase I bet.

    1. when i was in the Phil , most of my money go to polish,, :)

  3. cute color, wish here the nail polishes costs 1 $ ;-D