Tuesday, April 10, 2012

rouane gold

wonderful day bloggers!!!
As i was about to go out easter night i thought i want something shiny with my nails as me and my friends are going out clubbin  

then i suddenly remembered how glittery my nails when i use rouane blue glitter 
so i decided to do it with the rouane gold glitter.. i already had a swatch with this polish but this one i applied 5 coats.. yep!!! its 5 coats,, i wait for each coat to dry as i dont want them to be lumpy or whatever you call it.

i did this for about an hour for both hands.. no pain no gain!!!
so heres the pic,,,

you might need some sunglasses for this.. ! lol!!!

can you see how shiny and glittery it is?!!!

i love it!!
it made my night as people would say its beautiful and its like i have a gold in my nails..

my right hand with no butterfly on...

thanks for havin time reading my blog!!!  have a safe day!!!


  1. Hi! I nominated you for an award!

    I really love the butterfly!

    xo Georgie.