Friday, April 27, 2012

la colors "wired"

TGIF night!! and thank God im havin dinner shift tomorrow if not,, i might not be able to post this as i have to sleep early,, so much for that
i have here wired from la colors 
i soooo love this color,, i love love blue and this one really win my heart when i swatch it,
sorry for the not so good pics lately as i am in the process of saving up to buy new camera and im only using my phone camera which is just 3.2 mp

it has shimmer which the camera did not capture
it is electric deep water blue colour that really speak to me (or just me thinking that?)
the formula is a little bit,, just a little bit watery but with 2 coats your good to go and the drying time is a bit faster,

happy friday everyone! 


  1. Very beautiful blue! I am such a sucker for a great blue :)

  2. Cameras in phones now are better than my first digital camera was. :) Lovely blue!

    1. sometimes i can take good picture with it but most times,, its not good,, :)