Saturday, April 21, 2012

kleancolor jewelry red

 hi bloggers!!! 
i know i said to my last post that i dont have anymore polish to swatch,,, 
however as i was going thru my nail polishes i thought came to my min
"did i already post this?" so i want to my posts and did not saw it there,, then i suddenly remembered i havent transfered picture in my phone yet! i feel so silly!!

anyway,, here's a lovwly polish to show you!
jewelry red from kleancolor
i really fell inlove when i saw it however its not the same as i have with my nails
i expect my nails to have the gold shimmer but it doesnt,, well, but its still a sexy red color! yes.. sexy!! lol

as always it has kleancolor consistency and formula which is nice for me,, 2 coats and your good to go,, i just dont like theyre brush though,, its too dense (wide) for me

what do you think of it?,, i love it!


  1. Weird how you can barely see the gold on your nails! Still, a gorgeous color :)

    1. looks like theres a lot of gold glitter in the bottle,, but i still like it though,,

  2. It definitely is a sexy color. I ca see the gold where the light hits but it is very subtle.

  3. i knw how u feel, i've got a color like that too in my stash, the gold really shows in the bottle but once i painted them on my nails, it didn't really transfer much. >.< I've since gave it to my cousin as she's more into the color than i am.

    1. disappointed but still , im looking for the red with visible gold shimmer it it,,

  4. Ooooooh! I love how there's a subtle glitter going on :) Very sexy :)

    Kisses! xxx