Wednesday, April 18, 2012

acrylic paints, spring design and blabbing things :)

 hello bloggers!!!

today was a very exhausting day,, i work 7-3 then have to go to the airport as my mom is going back to our country (Philippines) i wish i could go back home with her,, i dont mind migrating to other places but i'm having this homesickness for so long, anyway,,,

if youve been reading my blog youll know that im now residing in the beautiful island of Tobago.. i like city very much so its quite hard to adapt in this country living status,, and product here takes so long to arrive,, ive been looking for acrylic paint quite some time now, the ones in the bottle that you can buy in dollar store,, but luck is not on my side then i saw this on the mall,, the only one left so i snatch it up hoping it wont be like poster paint, fortunately they are acrylic paint( as written on the label,, hello?!!) but kind of creamy, (better than poster paint)

im happy that i have these as i am starting up again with collecting my nail paraphernalia  , then as i came home my sister said cyrus (my nephew) spill your paint,, and i was shock!! i wonder how the baby reach it cause i put all my nail thing on a high rack so the kid wont be able to reach it, but then,, thats the wonder of kids

thank God only the blue and green are half empty and the other are safe!! hehehe


these are what i came up with,, thinking of something spring

 looks like a kid draw on my nails,, :) lol

i love this design!!

have a very safe day everyone!! 


  1. you're really artistic! i love the designs you came up with :D

    1. thanks,, theyre a bit time consuming though :)

  2. summerific :) im lovin the designs

  3. Oooohhh. I like the flowers. They're so realistic. I don't really know how to do that.

    1. theyre just 5 dots and then dot on the middle,, youtube is the best site to learn designs,,,

  4. Well done! I especially like the blue design.