Monday, March 12, 2012

kleancolor green holo

sorry!!! i havent posted in a while,,, blame the flu which makes me lazy and wanted to go to sleep plus the busy day at work

today i have green holo from kleancolor
quality of the pic is not good,, i only use my phone bec it got the real color as i have in my nails,,,my camera is so not working with me

this is 2 coats, it has a lil bit of thickness in its consistency but still manageable
a very beautiful light colored holo
it has green blue and micro yellow glitter in it
taken by artificial light bec i always do my nails at night
and if im lucky enough not to have sheet marks on it i would take a picture with sunlight,, but mostly,, im not lucky enough..

then after some tip wear i decided to add some design

i really really like it,, what do you think of it?,,,

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