Thursday, February 16, 2012

a lil bit of polish haul :)

finally! i got myself some polish! yey!!
i find the time to go around town and see what i can have
so these bottles is what i bought (grammar please?)
well, not all of them because 2 were given to me

from left to right
jordana red glitter , jordana grape
w&w 472a , L.A girls mettalic green

gold glitter , blue glitter, green glitter

klean color
orange, pink and blue holo

these makes me happy atleast i can find something that is like known to other places ,,, i really want like o.p.i or china glaze etc. i dont want to buy over the internet yet so i will stick to kleancolor in the meantime :)

and this 2 are given to me by my friend where i work,

jordana very berry and L.A. colors splash

so do you think kleancolor is worth it? would you also buy kleancolor?

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