Thursday, February 23, 2012

dr miracle's deep conditioning treatment review

good day everyone!
so as all of you know, ive migrated from Philippines to Trinidad and Tobago
and if im not spending much on my nails it would be on my hair,
hair is woman's crown so we have to take care of it as much as possible

i usually have my hair hot oil or hair spa every month if not on salon i do it at home(save me a lot!) so here in TnT i havent seen yet a service i wanted (they mostly have hair straightening service)so i just went to the pharmacy and buy some hair treatment

i bought this one bec of the feel it tingling intensive formula which means i would really feel it, i read some reviews.. some are good and some are bad?

so which is mine?


when i open the sachet i smell peppermint which i really like and it excite me bec it smells good. i put it on my hair its not creamy the way it should be., it has a thick formula but when i put it on my hair its like nothing, so i put more , i eat and read while i wait,
when i turn on the ac thats the time i feel the tingling or the coolness in my head, it was ok at first but then it was disturbing after 20 mns, but still i waited about 45 mns the coolness was gone then at about 50 mns i rinse it hoping my hair would be softer but NO!! my hair was rough and i dont like it at all, i rinse it well bec i dont want it in my hair anymore,

this is a really bad experience, i have asian hair which is long, thick and straight,, most conditioning treatment works on me so im really disappointed with this one, i just throw the rest, i would not buy it again and i would not recommend it to anyone else

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