Sunday, February 26, 2012

Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago

February 21 is carnival tuesday here in trini and bago
we had lot of fun,,

here is me and a man with a humongous costume

then i had a glitter tattoo in my upper left corner of my chest which i also showed off my nails bec my mom said to show my nails haha!

its a butterfly with flower

and if you dont notice,, i love love this color,, teal,, blue,, whatever it is,, i love it!!!

and i have to get pic too....
thanks to my mom taking pictures..

well she should thank me because she have 3 times picture than me,,,
im a mommy sitter,, haha! i love my mom!!! i would do it anytime

more of this color!!!

did i say i love this color?!!

then heres my nail..i just use some 3d sticker but i like how it turn out

i love going to this kind of event, they portray their culture and its so much fun!

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