Thursday, November 24, 2011

my first O.P.I , set the mood

yes!! this is my first opi and im not joking,, hahaha
i may sound silly

im working now in cafe havana here in Tobago and i found this polish in one of the drawers in the bar section,, well i ask my friend if it was hers because i wanted to buy some when i have the chance then she said that it was there for a month and someone might have forgotten it,,, and i could have it if i wanted to..

i definitely said yes!! haha
then i ask here if i can buy O.P.I somewhere in the island and she said its available in town which i look forward to going ,,,

its also available in the Philippines but its hard to find,,

so im really glad that this baby is mine!

it has a very glossy finish,, i didnt put any top coat on

i added some stickers,, because thats all i have for now,,

its my day off so im really glad to see some color on my nails,,, however i will be removing them the day after tommorow

oh!!! and happy thanksgiving to all Americans out there!!! enjoy this day!!

luckily its my day off,,,!! if not,,, i will be really really tired,, :)


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