Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beauty Angel pallete

hi !! just wanna share with you guys my first ever book palette (if thats what you call it)

this is not expensive or high end makeup...
i first saw it on my cousin rachelle and i thought it was cute,,, so i ask her where did she get it,,, so she show me where.. it actually cost P100 which is not bad... there is only 2 pcs left so i bought it...

there are 12 eyeshadow and 2 blush on ... the eyeshadows are great,, they are earth tones and good for smoky eye look,, i just dont like the blush bec you have to swipe it like 4 times until you get some colors on your cheeks,,, and i really dont have a thing with pink or light blush on,,, im more a bronzer girl,,

i did swatch them but camera's not cooperating so i end up deleting the pics,,,

then im on facebook and i saw some online seller selling this palette for P500... i was like no way!!! P100 to P500,,, i think its not justifiable,,,