Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh My Golly "OMG" by klik

i bought these polishes last week, i actually swatch some but because my big bro reformat my pc for some unknown reason and he didn't even tell me first,, so the pics are all gone...

i dont know if its a collection or what,,, klik dont have a website,,, pity for that..

so far i got 11 bottles and i have them in 2 batches

the first 6 are the light colored one

from left to right
white out , demure, first date, bikini, mojito, atlantis

the remaining 5 have more intense color or is a bit on the dark side haha! not really

from left to right
happy hour, bahama blue, stiletto, purple passion,salsa

i bough them for only P20 each bottle it is so affordable and i mus say i like them all excep for salsa(youll know why when i post the swatches)

i did try to swatch them but due o the bad lightning i will just do it tomorrow morning

thats it for now,,, its already 2:41 am and i need to sleep bec i need to wake up early later,,, haha!!

nighty polishing everyone!


  1. i also have this polishes and i love it...and what i like it most its dbp free... woot woot... i bought mine for 30 each :( but then its ok..

    1. i thought i'm not the only one who bought them for 30 pesos each.. some people just sell items double the price for the sake of profit.. oh well :(

    2. i bought them for only 13pesos each..:)