Thursday, July 14, 2011

my own nail polish rack

these are my own made
i could not afford those expensive nail polish rack so i made one

theyre not the best and its temporary
made of carton and paper twine...

from left to right

i dont have any fancy brand here

theyre all from here (philippines)

sorry for being cheapskate but theyre all same nail polishes

though the quality are not the same
plus those expensive brand are not that available and
i really could not afford them bec they are like 2x the price in u.s

from left - right

i have
magic colors
san san
the middle
i have glitter polishes
sassy colors
posh polishes

i have here
and klik

and here are the
polishes with thin brush
poster color
and some nail art

i need to make one more
cause i dont like putting polishes and tools
like the pic below

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