Tuesday, April 19, 2011

51 roses = 51 beautiful months with him

just a random post.... im really sorry if im not posting recently,, im a lil bit busy with my hubby

he came and visited me,,, were together for 2 nights 3 days,,,

and he gave me 51 roses... stands for 51 months together

i really love him and im so thankful to have him in my life...

we do not have a perfect relationship we often fight for simple things
but in the end of the day,,, he would hug me and say that he love me

its those simple things that make me want him more...

its those crazy things that he would do for me that mostly remind me of him

sometime i think that we have something i could not believe...

its just too good to be true and im afraid that it would go away

but i believe in him and i trust him,,,,

looking forward for the rest of my life to be with him,,,

im soooo happy...


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