Saturday, March 19, 2011

nichido matte palette

i am loving this eyeshadow palette
its the nichido matte palette (i think)haha!!!

i bought this from watson for only P100

it is very compact and i like it because its not too big so i can bring it all the time

i also have an aido palette that looks like this but the colors are shimmery..

this is what it looks like,,
it has 8 different eyeshadow and 2 blush on

its not bad for P100 you can use it for daytime to nightime

from l-r ....... the 4 eyeshadow on the upper part :)
they are light colors and i lil bit shimmery,, i use them for a simple makeup,,,

this is the middle part the 4 eyeshadows..

they are not that pigmented though

and the 2 blush on

i dont use it bec its very dark or not my color,,, haha!!!

i always go with bronze color when it comes to blush on
bronzer actually...

p.s .... i know that my sister is going to read this,,

and she is a grammar addict,,,
haha!!!! piz!

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