Monday, January 17, 2011

yay!!!! i've been tagged!

ive been tagged by

----- Nail Designs xox -----

thank you so much!!!

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7 things about me

1. i am 19 years old
2. i am a taurean but bec of the changes in zodiac sign i am now an aries... but i still want to be a taurus
3. i love and being loved by my boyfriend for nearly 4 years (jan 27 is our anniv! yay!)
4.i am obsessed with cats
5.i cant stand not to have nail polish in my nails
6.i love make ups too
7.i always wanted to be a model.. haha!


I Wanted to tag more than 15 people but more likely they are already tagged for this award

so if you are not yet tag....

im tagging you now...

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