Saturday, January 1, 2011


hi yah all....

as im recently collecting local polishes i noticed that 2 brands have some same color name... and actually it made me think who is copying one another?... it was like if you have a competitor you should have different name to label your color to stand out each other.. but i must say that the two brands have a good quality...

the first one is CARONIA
in terms of quality it has a good quality it actually last you 3-5 days
and it cost P32.00 if youre going to buy it on malls but i buy some in some local beauty store which only cost me P27.00 (see the difference?)

the other polish that im talkin about is KLIK
the quality is ok.. it last like 3-4 days if you really take care of youre nails
and it is P17.00 on malls but when you buy it on some local store it is only P11.00
so in terms of price... this is much cheaper

and on the color... caronia has a much darker tone than klik

but caronia has a more shiny color even you dont have to put lot of top coat to make it shiny,, however on klik you still have to put top coat to make it look shiny...

but in the end i love both products
caronia because of its quality
klik because it has a wide range of color
and also cheap :P

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