Sunday, November 14, 2010

CARONIA bright night collection


i found caronia bright night collection...

me and my sistah went to this not so famous mall

when i went to the nail polish section i saw it there..

and i was like

"dito lang pala kita mahahanap!"

so i ask rhe salelady there how much does a bottle cost
and she said P25.00
i was like really?

because at SM and Watson it was P32 peso
so i bought the 4 color

i got the picture from

ask me whats

i hope she dont mind it,,, hehehe

anyway... ill do some videos soon and post it on youtube...

pls visit my channel and subrscribe,,,

heres the link...


i will post swatches soon..

i just really cant find the memory card of my camera

so thats it for me...

have you already have these polishes too?...

what you think of them?..

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